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Getting There

Delegates should arrange their own flights to suit their own schedules and can also arrange their own transfers. Additionally Diva Ski can organise bespoke transfer packages. We’ve pulled together all the travel information you need below.



There are a number of carriers who fly direct to Geneva from all over the UK so feel free to make your own arrangements.


Recommended flights

We generally find the doctors come at different times. Some tag a few extra days on.

Popular flights are the following which all allow for delegates to get to Verbier in time to have their skis fitted and join the others for a ‘getting to know you dinner’

Thursday January 26th

BA0730 DEP LHR 11.40 ARR GVA 14.25
BA0732 DEP LHR 13.05 ARR GVA 15.45
BA0734 DEP LHR 15.00 ARR GVA 17.45

We recommend the following flight where we co-ordinate the transfer
Monday January 30th

BA0735 DEP GVA 18.50 ARR LHR 19.35

Transfer Details

The transfer from Geneva airport to Verbier is so easy and there are lots of different ways to do it.
By car it is 176 Km and will take comfortably inside of 2 hours.

By Train, which you get from inside Geneva Airport, you travel direct to Martingy ( 1 hour and 50 minutes) and either change onto the Saint – Bernard Expresso Le Chable ( 27 minutes ) and then get the bus, cab or gondola from there up to the resort or get a cab all the way from Martingy for CHF 120 (£86).

or make use of the shared shuttle services that operate between the airport and the resort .
These are booked in advance and cost CHF 50 (£36).

Train Times

The trains are every 30 minutes they depart 21 and 51 minutes past the hour from platform 3 and it’s a lovely easy way to travel and the journey takes 1 hour 50 minutes ( about 7 minutes before arriving at Martingy you will go pass through St Maurice)
When you reach Martingy there is an easy train change to the smaller alpine train to Le Chable this takes approximately 35 minutes.
From Le Chable, there is a bus service (Car Postale) which goes to the Post Office in Verbier
The Televerbier cable car which takes you up to Medran the main lift station in Verbier
For train and bus timetable information www.sbb.ch
At Martingy you can also take a cab up to Verbier, takes 30 minutes tops and costs CHF 120. We give you the cab company number for you to call but we have given them a heads up that you are coming. You call them yourselves when you are on the train so they know which train to meet. It’s a good system so you are not sprinting through the airport to get a particular train if your flight is late or you are caught up at customs.


You don’t need to get a ticket before you arrive at Geneva you can purchase your ticket from a machine that has an English option and you won’t have to queue for it as there are loads of machines. It’s easy to find the train’s platform. There are not that many, it’s not a huge station like Waterloo so quite stress free.
Buy a ticket to Martigny Gare.
Second class (which is fine we have never been first) is currently CHF 45 single (£31)
First class currently CHF 79
(Returns are) a little cheaper
The train destination on the board is Brig and is normally on platform 3 but ask at the desk if you are at all concerned.

Once on the train YOU DO NOT CHANGE it is straight to Martigny.
The station before Martingy is St Maurice, about 7 minutes)
For train and bus timetable information www.sbb.ch

By Shuttlebus

Or you can book your self onto one of the many shuttle buses that operate between the airport and Geneva. For schedules and bookings please go direct to the website and book online yourself. All you need is to give them your flight details. This is an excellent service and good price at CHF 50

By Helicopter

We always enjoy booking that!